Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Twice in a row that we have seen the IPL title being crowned upon the under-dogs. But this time, in 2009, the team is considered so only because of their performance last year. With Gilchrist, Gibbs, Symonds, Afridi, Rohit Sharma each of whom are renowned for their skills in this format, in their ranks, they ended up as the only side that could not win a match in their home-ground last year. One weak-link then was the lethargic Laxman with the bat and his captaincy. This time Gilly has led from the front, his performances lifted the spirit of the team and so has it come in handy to be able to demand performances from his side. Rohit Sharma was exceptional when it came to handling pressure situations. T Suman was a revelation. He bowled decent off-spinners and is a strong player of spin.

KKR, on the other side, missed the great captain in Ganguly who can be inspirational despite being the least performing player. Mc Cullum could not hide his emotions on his non-performing days which had had a severe impact on the confidence of the team that has the weakest domestic players. Ganguly tried to over-perform, that i say when i saw him dive on the boundary which is so not like Ganguly. Agarkar finding his place in the XI for most of the tournament is a marvel of a captaincy decision!! He did not give a chance to Langeveldt on his home pitches until the last match!!!

Mumbai Indians is a very strong team on paper, just that none has performed when its most needed. they crumbled under pressure so many times now that they could have easily been in the semifinals both times in the tournament had they held their nerve. Their biggest disappointment being Sanath Jayasuriya, I feel Duminy has his part in the team's journey to the bottom half. He made runs alright, but the rate at which he got them was a concern and on some days it proved seriously costly.Malinga seemed all geared up at the start of the tournament to only lose his sting in the latter part of the tournament. At times Sachin Tendulkar seemed to be very defensive considering the days when he has sent rookie domestic players to the crease in the first six overs when every other team look to make the most of the power-plays.

Rajasthan royals, I should say, they have done well to be where they are considering the non-availability of two of their biggest stars last year: Shane Watson and Tanvir. They have it in them to give nerveless performances in crunch games, the game against KKR that went in to the super over and then the game against the Mumbai Indians. Had Graeme Smith performed to half his potential they would have ended up at least a place higher on the table.

Kings XI punjab is as confused a side as its fortune. Domestic players not performing has become too big a pressure on the shoulders of Sangakkara and Yuvraj who himself was not in his elements. They missed Shaun Marsh dearly as it turned out their batting is the ruining factor most of the times. Jayawardene was injured when he was just about regaining his touch. Sreesanth's performance in his captain's words(Courtesy:FIP) :"Attitude toh poora masala dosa ka deta hai, aur bowling Appam jaisa karta hai". Hardly any positives from their performance.

Chennai on its day has the fire-power to chase down a target of over 200 with ease. But we have seen the same side posting 120s and being unable to chase down targets of less than 150. Hayden has fired through out the tournament and others performance was sporadic. Albie Morkel and Jacob Oram have never been their usual-selves when it came to batting. I feel Jacob Oram is a good T20 bowler and he was never quite used to his full potential. Suresh Raina was good with the ball using his delayed action wisely.

Bangalore's run this tournament is no short of a fairy tale. They started on a high note, then gave it away with the 1.55 million dollar purchase being the chief culprit. Only later when he gave way to the champion bowler Anil Kumble to lead the side that their fortunes changed. Using the word fortune is undermining their performance because kumble set them an ideal example and showed them what they can do. Kallis, Taylor who were largely ineffective until then proved their worth. The way kumble raised his hand to bring their side on track by bringing himself on to bowl against biggies is exceptional. Even in the final he opened the bowling only to get Gilly out and brought himself back to remove Symonds. It's unfortunate that his performance in the final was so brutally let down by their batsmen in the final.

Delhi has been surprisingly successful even without their top-guns Sehwag and Gambhir firing. It is wonderful the way everyone else in the team gave in and performed. AB DeVilliers , Dilshan were rock-solid in the middle order and Dinesh Kartik has played some crucial knocks in the death overs. They were never really tested in pressure situations to say whether or not they succumb to pressure. But to not be under pressure is as significant an achievement. Nehra was great throughout the tourny, Sangwan bowled some terrific spells when others are finding it difficult to get one dot ball. It is unfortunate for them to receive the high intensity flak that they received from Gilly's gun.

Finally My IPL XI would be:(4 Foreigners and 7 Indians)

Matthew Hayden.
AC Gilchrist(wk)
SK Raina
AB de Villiers
RG Sharma
MS Dhoni
Yusuf Pathan
Ashish Nehra
Lasith Malinga
Anil Kumble(c)
PP Ojha

Saturday, March 21, 2009

QT cricket

heccharika: It is purely intentional if any of the/or all characters bear resemblances with any BITSian..

wing nirmanushyanga undi.. bodyJ gadu chinna pilladu lollypop kosam edustunnattu kallu nalumukuntu room bayataki vachadu.. ventane vadu eskodaniki oka prani dorikadu.. andy gadu snanam chesostunnadu..

bodyJ: areyyyy Andyy.. too much body kada ra needi.. anduke na andaru HP andy anedi?

veedi hype gurinchi telsina andy gadu..
andy: aunu ra babu.. adentoo andaru bakka ga unnanu antaru enduko.. nakkuda ardam kavatle..

bodyJ: hype cheyyakura.. em chestunnav room lo..

andy: edo bore kotti oka post rastunna...

candy gadu bayatakochadu.. veedi hype vini vachadankunna..

bodyJ: candula.. taalam vestunnav ekkadki MB na..?

candy: ledu ra tanaki exam undi repu.. shark daggaraki..

bodyJ: ohh.. boy friend daggarakaaa... sarle tvaraga vachey andy gadu post rastunnadata status petti hype cheyyali..

candy gadu oka picha smile ichi poyadu..

ekkado dooranga taalam chevi sounds vinipistunnaii.. atu ga chuste striram gadu short veskuni chetilo keys tippukuntu vastunnadu.. vastu vastu..

striram: arey andy digital TV ad lo Gambhir gadni chusava..? vadu vadi action rendu tokka la unnai..

andy: haha.. cocacola ad ithe paapam mari.... team emo cricket adutunte veedu janalni testunnadu.. adento..

striram: kadaaaaa!! nenu ade anukunna chusi.. pada cricket aadadam?

andy: sare batting aa bowling aa?

inthalo ganga raj mirapakaya rangu kallatho brush pattukuni bogs lo ki veltunnadu.. idi vini.. striram gadu reply ichelope..

ganga raj: adenti ra edo okate ela kudurtundi?

andy:!! hmm kullinattunnav?
ganga raj: nee bonda.. nee gadi logics ilane untai.. neeku telidam kosam..

striram gadu oka chiru-manda-haasam ichi..

striram:... obb batting..

andy: hmm sare..pada.. evarnanna piluddama inka? lepali padkunnaru andaru..

striram: inka time kaledu ga li8 le.. vastaru kasepayyyaka..

striram gadu andy room lo ki velli bat teeskuni.. sachin tendulkar range lo tega pose lu ichestu kurchi vaipu(ade wicket vaipu) veltunadu..

andy gadi chetta bowling veedu gen aadestadani.. chucking chesi mari anni rakala spin lu chestunnadu.. striram gadu prati ball tarvata
ball tagilite: nee wrist position batti chusa itu tirugutundani,
tagalakpote: variety ga try chesa ra ee shot...

ganga raj gadu brushing avvagotti keeper place ki vastunnadu.. andy gadu idi chusi ekkada striram gadu bat vadilite ganga raj gadu pattukuntado ani.. inka naa valla kadu ra babu annattu face pettadu.. striram gadu appudena annattu chiragga ichi ball lakkunnadu.. bat chetiki andhadam tho andy gadilo nutana utsaham puttindi.. bodyJ gadu Rooney jersey veskuni eskodaniki evaru dorakka eduti wing lo chom gadni pilichi start chesadu hype..

andy: bodyJ aadachu ga cricket.. shaun pollock range lo vestav bowling..

bodyJ gadi reaction chuste vadni shiv g lo swimming cheyyadaniki pilichina range lo tala ooputunnadu gangireddu laa.

bodyJ body ooputhuuu: asalu opika ledu ra ani chinna pilladi laga face pettadu..

striram: arey ganga raj keeping enduku ra venaka goda undi ga... assssalleeee andy gadi batting..
ani vekkiristu annadu..

ganga raj: andy ga gattiga kottaku ra.. striram ga li8 le fielder avsaram ledu gattiga kottaddani cheppesa..

striram: keeper ga enduku mari.. kollu(chicken) pattanavasaram ledana?

ganga raj: nuvvu maatram fielder enduku adgutunnav nuvvu ball ni world cup pattukunnattu pattukuntavane ga..

striram: run up ki veltuu.. nee kanna kadu le...
ani vnakki chudakunda annadu..

striram gadu run up lo start ayyadu.. picha fast ga vastunnadu.. kaadu kaadu kaallu matrame fast ga kottukuntunnai shoaib akhtar range lo.. vadu vache lopu andy gadu front foot ki ravadam modalu pettadu.. striram gadu aagipoyi..

striram: endku ra appude munduki vastunnav..

andy: boundary dooram taggiddani..

striram: ala ithe runner daga batting cheyyachu ga..

andy: wicket ki dooram aipotha ga..

QT lo ghattu mida phone matladam oka second aapi trunkuMar gadu andy gadi vaipu oka look ichaduu.. andy gaadi face edo sadhinchinattu veligipotundi...

bodyJ: andy gadu oka kullu logic cheppi aa smile chudu..

andy: arey.. match aadudam inka janalni pilu..

enno prayatnala tarvata majnu, edi, churi lecharu..

andy: entra churi appude musalodivi aipoyav?

churi: musalodna adenti?

andy: meesalu chudu tellaga..

striram: avi meesallu kavu ra.. ollu marchipoyi nidrapoyina aanavallu.. ante sollu..

churi gaadu as usual rakkuta annattu serious look ichi brush pattukunnadu..
paina "via reddy" kuda lechadu maa kekalaki.. bayatakochi kinda unna prekshakulaki nenu lecha annattu abhivadam chesadu..
inthalo suzuki samurai vachadu ade mana sreeshant.. lab nunchi vachinattunnadu papam.. ravadame ball pattukunnadu.. vadi run up chusi oka "pedda lorry vachi scooter ni guddindanko" anna bujjigadu dialogue gurtochindi andy gadiki.. wide vesadu.. hammaya anukunnadu..

venakala nunchi evado chinna pilladu andy ni andooo ani pilustunnadu.. chuste yera gadu.. venakale milano gadu..

andy: ikkada rights lenidi naa peruki kaadu ra mee andari perlaki... kooni cheyyaku naa peru ni..

inka start cheddam anukuntunnam.. appude mod gadu nidra lo naduchukuntu vastunnadu..

mod: entra andy pilavaledu..

andy: inka start cheyyaledu ra..

inka start aindi evaru captains undali ani.. evaru undaru antaru.. chivariki bujjaginchi batimiladi churi and via reddy captains ani decide ayyaru..

idantha ayye lopu striram gadu edo shot ela kottalo trunkumar gadiki chupistu.. ball ni building paiki kottadu.. malli start another discussion.. evaru ekkali ani..chivariki inko ball teeddam ani decide ayyaru..

candy ani pilicharu andaru.. kaani ledu ga boy friend daggaraki velladu..

striram: asalu veeedu mana bhavan ki sport sec aa leka MB kaa..

inthalo bodyJ gadu time chuskuni futbol gang ni dimpadu.. vallu kurchi ni kaasta kurchilu chesaru..
wicket ni kaasta goal post chesesaru..

match abandoned due to non-availability of sports-sec...

Saturday, February 14, 2009


It doesn't sound so sweet as the "Chandi chowk" of Delhi for me, but it is for u to decide how it sounds: the "Yerawada" of Pune, my PS station is here. Pune is a small city. unlike Delhi's "bas ishq mohabbat pyaar", i should say Pune stands out for "bus dikkat taar". forget the ishq! gone for the day's celebrations.

we are used to making fun of the A.P's red buses, here you should make double the fun of the buses, as they are smeared red from the inside as well( an achievement only possible because of the round-the-clock-hard-chewing-people using the bus). their efforts wont stop there! unfortunately for them, the roads are too wide and too many to be made red and incidentally that's the "taar" that I mentioned as one of Pune's stand-out features. The local gov. body(Ma-Na-Pa as they call it) seems to spend all its resources on the roads. Looking for some reasons, first that struck is the massive revenue they earn through the pay and park, as almost every road comes with a small portion for the Ma-Na-Pa pay and park and it seems to have encouraged the usage of cars. And now the roads have come in handy as they provide good space for the cars/motor cycles on stand-by waiting for their turn in the petrol-bunks.

An extremely expensive city to say! For a few moments after I came here my view of the city was that it is inexpensive as we saw the meter of the auto seems to show an increment of a meager 10p for every 100mts, only to find later that the "meter measures metres"(100m) rather than paise and after a small ride of 8kms we ended up giving just a few over 150bucks! Then we came to know that the very concept applies wherever it's scope permits and there seems to be scope everywhere. Fearing the zero-bank-balance we had to resort to the cheapest restaurant of all-guess what? It's the Mc.D.. anywhere else u r sure to be ridden of at least 150 bucks. if we were to go for a movie we got to go for a multiplex.No compromise! That I say by experience.that day we were desperate to see the sequel of Raaz on the very first day, we have taken the tickets for the show in Gunjan Talkies(Pune-6) and for us the show ended five minutes after we entered the hall. All for the immovable steel chairs, moving bugs on them and hard chewing sidees who every so often spits...horrified by the happenings around we headed for another theatre far away. And at the Ad-labs or Inox u pay them around 150 base price and films of languages other than marathi attract an additional entertainment tax.
(to be contnued..)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Virus Today

Am not here to lecture on the history of viruses, but to put forth some of them I remember, and would want to remember as of how they demanded my attention to them. whatever the name be, a virus or a trojan, i assume here to be a virus. Some interesting viruses I have seen are:

The New Folder:
whoever named it did a wonderful job! Ever had the enthu to see the number of directories in your system? this thing I am talking about creates as many folders.. sry.. files in the name of new folder, the icon of which resembles that of a folder as well. Our natural tendency when we see a new folder is to see whats in it, so that we name it for good. one instance of that is enough to ruin the system beyond nothing but a clean format unless and until u find some anti-virus that can clean it. none, when i saw it. partial format such as the format option given in the context menu with the OS will not do.

explorer virus:
The most striking feature in windows coming from dos, the GUI and the ability to click and explore the drives. This one interferes with the capabilities of explorer and removes the click-ability of the icons for disk drives in my computer thus having to do it the harder way - use the address bar by giving the location..phew..

gtalk virus:
relatively uncomplicated compared to many contemporaries, but attention grabber as it chats with your friends on the gtalk list and prompts them to click a link and survives its race :). another one dissembles the sound drivers and demands a clean format as well.

there are a lot many out there like the one that restarts the PC on opening the My computer or the cmd, ones that keep replicating and eat the space and many more that I haven't remembered or that their function is reasonably subtle for me to recognise.
They have all done their jobs keeping us on our toes for the constant vigil that is needed. At a stage its felt that maintaining an antivirus is far more difficult than it is to have the viruses on computer as, the first of their preferences is to turn off the antivirus..hmm.. this business has become quite lucrative and I heard some grapevine that some people create the deadly things and claim to have the soln for them so that it attracts many a customers to buy the product. Great techniques indeed!!
these little viruses have made some history, pages of which are here. :D

virus tomorrow :
some kinds of viruses I anticipate the existence in the future are:

the clipboard virus
: this takes control of the clipboard and cripples the system by not allowing any movement/replication through the clipboard. moving a file to a different folder thus involves the arduous task of uploading the file and sending it to yourself using a p2p s/w so that u can download and save in the location of interest. Does deleting a file involve the clipboard? :P

mouse/keyboard virus:
this future virus manipulates the drivers of keyboard and mouse and making them dysfunctional. And if possible the CD drive as well making a deadly combo where in one can only switch on and do nothing else.. is format a possibility?
making the mouse/keyboard alone dysfunctional is not such a big problem as there are this on screen keyboard and navigation keys for cursor.

format king:
when the primary OS is XP, having vista in some other drive makes it irremovable unless vista is removed first (vista's grub or whatever it is, is in the primary OS drive and vista being a higher OS in the lineage.) my concept is: the virus should be able to place one such grub in the primary OS making it irremovable as long as the virus isn't healed. of course linux can clean the mess.

I doubt the validity of the types i have mentioned above. thats what i think about the present ones and the ones that i anticipate in the future. not that i want them to move about freely. windows has become the home ground for these fellows, lets hope windows can see their backs soon. :)
emanna/anni tappulu aina kshaminchandi babu..pani leka raasanu

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I hate tuesdays

Yeah!! for those who feel its weird, you have seen that right!! Its the day most of the BITSian eggitarian(not a word i guess) psenti-semites do wish would not ever come. we, the BITSians, support the cause of NECC and this is the day BITS opposes the cause of the very NECC. We support the cause for the only reason that there is nothing comestible leaving away the egg bhurji and the egg rice. Pure vegetarians are real gods!! It makes no difference in a BITSian psenti-semite's life whether it be a sunday or a monday as no day demands you to work this sem.
classes so far attended this sem: 4-5.
actual no. of classes:class a day.. haha..

My day starts off early in the day at 8 or 9 AM, i donno what the time is when my sidee wakes me up with the same boring bas ek pal and carnival of rust everyday(goto CONT). It is because of this guy that our wing has someone awake through the day. now that i mentioned that, there is another great feature of the wing that 10 of the 15 hold some post(as wide as prez of CSA, placement volunteers, cul-sec,sports-sec,hostel-rep,veg-sec,hostel committee members).CONT:After the wake-up call I try hard getting back to my work and give it all up at 12noon when the same guy wakes me up(this time directly) for mess :). And then I have a A la carte having various series, each of them waiting for their turn. scheduling algo is Shortest job first ;). The menu now has LOST,chuck,HIMYM,detective school q(finished),sarabhai vs sarabhai. Healthy competition can be seen in the waiting queue(24,slam dunk,seinfeld,wall flower).
And then LAN games in the offing whenever u want to play.. thats a small roster though (aoe, aom,cric2k7) and sports in the evening(only cricket of course).. now with such a busy schedule where's the time to attend the class(remember one class a day),watch movies, listen to songs.. impossible!! A news paper and a novel make the schedule even tighter .To accommodate so many I stay awake until 3-4AM in the morning. Now it makes sense that I call 9AM early in the morning,doesn't it? And the time I could listen to songs:::::: is the time it took me to write all this crap. Forgot to mention!! there is one other thing that is indispensable in my diet until a few days its off season :( feeding on ANC now..
thats alllllllllllllll for now